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 Bioval's Statement on the Bioval BBBMAX 0.27 BBs Warning

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PostSubject: Bioval's Statement on the Bioval BBBMAX 0.27 BBs Warning   Tue Sep 09, 2008 10:56 am

Bioval's Statement on the Bioval BBBMAX 0.27 BBs Warning

by OptimusPrime

We were emailed over the weekend regarding a posting stating that the Bioval BBMax 0.27 BBs has its dangers at Arnies Airsoft. Bioval Technologies Switzerland states that there should be proper care in the handling and shooting of these types of BBs, which to state that the warning on the Bioval BBMax 0.27 BBs didn't actually follow the instructions/manual as sent out by Bioval Technologies. We are posting here the full statement so all will be notified:


In the interest of player safety and the safeguard of property I hope you will post our response.

We do not recommend shooting 0.27g bbs at 560fps or 3 footpounds (170m/s or 4 joules) against car windows since high velocity projectiles will tend to shatter the target into small bits and pieces.

The author of the post states that they fired the 0.27g BBBMAX at 170m/s(560 fps) this is equal to approx. 4 joules of energy. Most EU countries have a 1 joule limit and in most game fields there are very strict rules regarding AEG velocities.

Evidently, the persons involved in this incident have not read the WARNINGS and MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET that should have been provided to them.

Safety has always been a Bioval priority. Please find attached the WARNING and MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET regarding our products.

Please READ THEM and pass them on.

The vital points here are:

1. The EU (EN Standard) and USA (ASTM ) standards and laws upon which they are based prohibit the sale and marketing of bbs that shatter upon impact. The test parameters are very strict but enforcement is very difficult and asyou can imagine very few producers respect this norm. The Bioval BBBMAX is over and above the minimum test parameters needed to achieve certification.

2. The BBBMAX was specifically designed for use by Military and Law Enforcement (MILPOL) training centres in the US, Australia and Europe. The specifications are far superior to normal bbs and so are the ballisticproperties. Breaking windshields and windows was one of the many requirements. In this respect the BBBMAX has performed to specifications.

3. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND modifying your AEG to fire at over 1 joule. Shooting the 0.27g BBBMAX at 170m/s is extremely dangerous and WILL cause damage on your target.

4. Please use certified full face protection. We suggest you evaluate the same full face protection used by Military and Law Enforcement agencies rated to stop shotgun blasts and other high velocity projectiles and shrapnel.

Thanks for your support in our effort to improve the standards and quality of the bb in the sport of Airsoft. It is thanks to this support that we will continue to innovate and bring to you high performance products.

Stay cool and play safe!

Absolute Best.

copied from popular airsoft.com


another airsoft game has ended,
let us all forget the wrong things made,
for there are still next games to be played..

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Bioval's Statement on the Bioval BBBMAX 0.27 BBs Warning
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